Locked Accounts Defined

Understand & How To Circumvent Locked Accounts.

Elite social engineers  who've been exploiting the human firewall by way of manipulating the person on the other end to perform an action they're not supposed to do, or getting the representative of an online retailer to Issue a refund for a product by using the good old missing Item method, all have an exceptional set of skills to get the job done right. The SE'er will take control of the situation, push the SE beyond limits and eventually end up succeeding with his objective. The one thing however, that cannot be controlled In Its entirety, Is when a company all of a sudden decides to lock the account that was used to make purchases from one SE to another.

For Instance, If you've been SEing Amazon "consistently" for quite a while by using the very same account for each and every transaction on a regular basis, the chances of your account being locked, will significantly Increase. Unfortunately, this can happen at any given moment and without warning, Irrespective of how well you've prepared your method and executed the attack. But It's not solely about the method used and Its (successful) outcome, but rather "based on a lot of variables pertaining to the activity performed on the account".

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