Leaking Battery Method

How To Effectively Use The Leaking Battery Method.

Social engineering methods and techniques pertaining to Item refunds and replacements, each differ In the way they're utilized against companies. Whilst some methods, such as the "DNA (Did Not Arrive)" are universal and can be used with just about any Item & company, others are very specific, thus the social engineer must take extra care when selecting a suitable Item. One method that's part of this equation, Is the "leaking battery method".

How so? Well, stating the absolute obvious, you cannot use It against an Item that does not contain batteries to function, can you?  This may sound like I'm being too conspicuous, but you wouldn't believe the number of SE'ers I've come across who've used the method when SEing a computer hard disk or solid state drive!  Perhaps lack of knowledge and awareness was the cause? I don't know and quite frankly, I don't care. "My objective Is to educate", and not try to correct those who lack common sense and good judgement.

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