In Depth Researching

How To Perform A In Depth Research Prior To SEing.

Be It SEing a company such as Amazon or Logitech to get a refund for an Item by using the DNA method, or perhaps manipulating an employee working In the HR department of the central office In your building to obtain their username & password, It's paramount to have knowledge of precisely how they operate before executing your attack. One of the biggest mistakes that social engineers make, Is to be overconfident with their SE and "blindly target their victim" without gathering any Information whatsoever about the environment they're engaged In, and the policies they comply with.

Unless you know every Intricate detail about a particular entity that you're planning to social engineer, It's of the utmost Importance to research everything there Is to know about them  prior to formulating your method(s) and hitting your attack. You cannot possibly expect a successful outcome, when you have no Idea what you're up against. As such, the objective of this article, Is to "show you how to perform an In depth research of your target", thereby enabling you to make Informed decisions during the preparation and execution of your SE.

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