Identifying Fake Calls


Listen To Background Noise During Phone Conversations.

Inevitably so, calls will be generated (and received) from other departments of your organization throughout the duration of your company's business hours. It could be the accounts department at the head office requesting taxation details of a particular worker, or someone from sales asking for the latest update on a client's contract. Whatever the case may be, sensitive details will be distributed over the phone.

Whilst It's almost certain that such calls are legit, It's a known fact that social engineers use their skills to perform malicious acts, by pretending to be an Internal employee with the Intention to obtain personal Information of some sort. Social engineers predominantly target companies on a large scale, for the reason that It's a lot harder for organizations to keep track of the legitimacy of 5,000 employees, as opposed to a small family-owned business of 20 workers. Here's how an SE'er can manipulate your staff over the phone, to hand out an employee's bank account details by simply asking for It!

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