Fake Receipt Method

Provide A Fake Receipt To Get A Refund Or Replacement.

On the grounds that you have the funds to purchase an Item that you plan to social engineer from an online company such as Best Buy, Walmart or Amazon, there are a number of methods to choose from- some of which are flexible with the Item In question. For Instance, If you're after an SSD (Solid State Drive) for your computer, due to Its nature being compact and very light, It's not limited to just the one method. You can use the "missing Item method", "box" the company without adding a weight substitute or use the "partial method" by ordering a bunch of Items and claim that the SSD was missing.

Given the SSD will barely register a weight on consignment, the company cannot cross-check the details against the carrier's manifest, hence the SE Is almost certain to succeed. It Is all well and good when you've already purchased the Item, thereby the company can process your claim against the account that was used for the transaction, but what If you want to social engineer an Item that you don't have to begin with?  For Instance, a lot of SE'ers use the "serial number method", by obtaining the serial (that's still under warranty) from a seller on eBay and then request a refund. Some representatives will Issue It without asking any questions, whilst others need what's called a "POP" (Proof Of Purchase).

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