Executing The Attack

How To Execute The Social Engineering Attack Effectively.

There's a lot happening In the complex mind of the social engineer, who's constantly facing challenges to get what he's after, such as SEing an ISP to get his victim's login credentials, or hitting a major online retailer for a 3,000$ laptop by using the good old DNA method. At times, Instances of this nature may appear somewhat challenging at first, but they're easily circumvented by being confident, adamant, persevering with the task at hand and taking control of the entire SE.

All these attributes play a significant role In the outcome, namely (and obviously) to achieve a successful result with the SE'ers objective, like receiving a refund from Logitech for the Bluetooth Wireless Headset using the serial number method. However, this Is of no value If the social engineer does not have the skill set to "execute his attack effectively with each and every SE performed".

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