End The SE On Good Terms


Always Finish the SE On Friendly Terms.

As with each and every SE you perform, be It manipulating your target to hand over the PIN code to access their system, or gaining unauthorized entry to a restricted building by SEing one of their employees to hold the door open for you, It's paramount to "not raise suspicion" during the attack. Not only does your social engineering method and execution have to be pretty much spot-on, but Its "conclusion" Is of equal Importance- namely to "end the SE on good terms".

Once the method has been carefully formulated and applied accordingly, for a successful outcome, every SE has three very Important elements- Its "execution", the "effectiveness of the attack", and "how It concludes". Each one works hand In hand, that Is, you cannot dismiss either of the three and expect the result you're after. Very few social engineers, pay attention to how they should "end the SE", and then question why It ultimately failed! It's the "conclusion" that I'm bringing to your attention, In a very simple, yet effective manner.

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