Dumpster Diving


Gathering Information By Performing Dumpster Diving.

One very effective method used by social engineers to obtain as much Information as possible about a company, namely "confidential details", Is what's called "Dumpster Diving". The majority of organizations do not shred their documents prior to disposing them In the trash, which makes It an open Invitation to social engineers, by jumping Into the dumpster and grabbing every bit of paperwork thereafter.

As an SE'er and on the grounds you want to get personal details of a company and Its employees, If you've never performed dumpster diving, then provided you have physical access to the premises, "this should be your first port of call". You'd be very surprised at the nature of Information that can be collected. Let's have a look at the typical types of paperwork that employees tend to simply throw In the waste basket, and eventually makes Its way to the dumpster.

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