Corrupted Video Method


Send The Company A Corrupted Video Link.

On the grounds that you're social engineering a company for an Item that you "haven't purchased to begin with" by claiming It's defective, where warranted, the first thing they'll do Is go through a few troubleshooting steps. During this process, obviously you'll say that the Item Is still not functional

As such, before they can Issue a refund or replacement, the representative will ask you to "take a video of the nonfunctional Item"- and to also Include a few Identifiable details, such as Its serial number and perhaps a handwritten note. This Is to verify that what you're saying Is true and correct.

Given you don't have the Item, but rather obtained Its serial number from an Innocent buyer on the Internet, thus you're "claiming a warranty refund", how are you supposed to take a video of something that doesn't exist? Well, there are a number of ways to circumvent this, one of which Is to "send a corrupted video link to the company". Provided you execute your SE accordingly and "persevere with the representative In question", this has a very high success rate. Let's have a look at what It Involves.

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