Company Investigation


An Official Inquiry Into The Claim By The Company.

Let's face It, social engineering Isn't all sunshine and rainbows, It does have Its fair share of problems and even though you've researched your target to see precisely what you're up against as well as prepared your method to perfection based on your (researched) findings, you will predominantly face quite a few obstacles the moment your attack has been executed. Sure, you may be very familiar with the company you're SEing at the time, especially because you've hit them on a number of occasions In the past with minimal disruptions, but past events are not always an Indication of future happenings.

In other words, "no two SEs are alike"- each one will differ to some degree. As such and In order to help ensure the SE works In your favor, It's up to you, the social engineer, to adapt to challenges and changes In a positive manner "as they happen In real time", and to keep It that way throughout the duration of your attack vector. If you haven't worked out what I'm referring to by now, It's "company manipulation and exploitation", whereby you trick their reps to credit your account for the cost of the purchased Item, or get them to dispatch a replacement at no extra charge. 

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