Communicate Professionally


A Good Social Engineer Is Very Selective With His Wording.

When social engineering someone, with the objective to grab their personal Information, such as their family & given name, date of birth, address, phone number, credit card details and so forth, It's predominantly "done over the phone". Let's face It, they're not just going to tell you their details, hence a very effective method, Is to pretend that you're "someone who's calling from (for example) their electric company", and querying their bill by requesting to verify the Information on the account- which Is their personal details. This can be done with any company you like. In doing so, It's paramount to fit the role of the company's representative precisely to how they operate over the phone- namely "the way they engage In conversation"

This "must be done In a professional fashion", and the choice of wording must be spot-on. For Instance, If you've called your victim pretending to be from their electric company  and said: "We're upgrading every customer's account Info, so gimme yours and I'll whack It Into my computer and It's gonna be fine". Your victim will Instantly detect that the call Is a fake. In order to make the call as realistic as possible, you "must communicate professionally", AND the conversation must be suited to the nature of the company. So how do you know what to say when SEing your victim for their personal details? I can tell you In one word: "Research", and here's how It's done.

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