Choose The Right Method

How To Choose The Right Social Engineering Method.

The term "social engineering", Is rather broad and covers an extensive amount of methods and attack vectors, such as grabbing confidential Information from an employee In the head office of a Fortune 500 company, or SEing the representative at John Lewis to obtain a refund for a pair of AirPods by boxing them. This article Is based on the latter, by way of social engineering any company on any level- be It online or In-store, makes no difference whatsoever. As an SE'er yourself, I have no doubt that you've SEd at least a handful of retailers, so you will certainly relate to what you're about to read. On the other hand, If you're new to the art of exploiting the human firewall, then please allocate enough time to fully understand this guide!

As per the title of this post, It's of the utmost Importance to "choose the right method", prior to even thinking about how to prepare It, let alone execute It against your target. How so? Well, It's one thing executing your attack In a very effective manner, however It has very little to no effect If the "method" that you've chosen and formulated, Is Inappropriate and does not suit the nature of the SE.

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