Cease & Desist Notice

Cease & Desist- A Request To Stop The SE.

Regardless of whether you're social engineering a company on a very large scale such as Nike, by manipulating the representative to Issue a refund for a pair of trainers that you didn't order to begin with, or your local computer store to replace the SSD that you've boxed, It does take a methodical and systematic approach to get the job done right. However, SEing Is not all sunshine and rainbows and those who've been In the scene for many years to date, are well aware of the risks Involved. Accounts are locked and/or limited, Investigations are opened during the claims process, police reports requested to move forward with the claim, affidavits sent to be signed & returned and the list goes on.

All this Is expected every so often when SEing companies for all types of goods, and social engineers know precisely how to handle and respond to every scenario. However, there's one particular document that's unbeknownst to the majority of SE'ers, Irrespective of how long they've been In the scene. This very Important piece of paper Is what's called a "Cease and Desist" notice, often abbreviated as "C&D".

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