CCTV Cameras In Warehousing


The Impact Of CCTV Cameras When Social Engineering.

Without a shadow of a doubt, there are so many factors that need to be taken Into account when you're picking a target to social engineer and regardless of similarities, there are no two exactly alike- each one Is based on Its own merits. In terms of the new breed of human hacking, namely "company manipulation and exploitation", It doesn't matter If both entities have been established at the same time and with every layout being a carbon copy of each other, they will differ to some degree and If you're very familiar with one company by SEing them for many years to date, It doesn't mean that the other one operates In the same fashion. 

As such, It's of the utmost Importance to research every bit of detail of relevance, which will significantly help to effectively formulate your method and execute your attack by leaving nothing to chance. The commonalities with researching companies Include the carriers used, refund and replacement policies (and their time frames), whether they're responsible for loss of goods during transit, the grounds on which refunds are Issued and the list goes on. All this Info can be found In their website's terms & conditions. There Is one thing however, that the majority of social engineers neglect to put as part of their SEing Information gathering toolkit, and that Is "The use of CCTV cameras In the warehouse department"

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