Beware Of Exit Scams

The SE'er Takes Money From Users And Exits Unexpectedly.

In the world of exploiting the human firewall and circumventing the terms and conditions of companies on every scale, It's paramount for social engineers to keep up-to-date with changes as they come to hand by developing the very latest methods. Of equal Importance, Is to ensure that a given method used In bypassing company protocol, does not become saturated, hence render It useless. As such, "SE'rs make their methods private", and only distribute a limited amount to reputable users. 

By doing this, the method will not become widespread and abused by every social engineer who can get his hands on It. This Is how It generally works In an honest and Ideal social engineering environment, however not all SE'ers have this Intention In mind. Sadly, there are many "social engineering scammers", who prey on fellow SE'ers by promising one thing, but deliver either nothing In return, or something completely different to what they originally agreed on and make an "exit scam" thereafter. So what exactly Is an "exit scam?". Let's check It out now.

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