Wrong Item Sealed Box Method

Received The Wrong Item In The Sealed Box.

When you've gathered everything you need, the backbone of every SE, Is the type of "method" that you'll be using to achieve your goal. It's Imperative to formulate It based on your (researched) findings, thus If you neglect to do this and also fail to apply It In a systematic manner, then your SE cannot, and will not, move forward!  Period. There are so many methods available and If you're reading this from an advanced SE'ers standpoint, you'll well and truly know what they are- the DNA, the missing Item, boxing  and the list goes on.

However, regardless of your level of experience, I'd say that you've never heard of the "Wrong Item Sealed Box Method", yes? I thought as much. That's because, I've just named It as such at the time of writing this article  and for a very good reason, which you'll see why a little further down the page. So what exactly Is this and what does It Involve? 

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