Using A Drop House

Using A Drop House To Accept Deliveries When SEing.

If you haven't already gathered by what the title of this post pertains to, I'm referring to SEing online stores to the likes of (obviously) Amazon, Currys, Zalando etc  with the objective to obtain a refund or a replacement Item. If you play It smart, by allowing a sufficient gap between each SE, not opting for high value Items In succession and changing your methods regularly, then this will give the Impression that It's a legit claim and for the most part, It will not raise suspicion- even when using your real name and address. However, there are times when you must assume another Identity with a given SE or two- namely to ensure that your actions do not have an Impact on your personal profile.

It's pretty simple to use a fictitious family & given name when creating an account, but In terms of your residential address where packages will be sent, how do you hide the fact that you live there?  Moreover, how and where do you physically accept a delivery by not disclosing your place of residence? Well, you do not nominate your real address, but rather use a "Drop House"  when placing your order with the Item(s) you're planning to SE. As such, both the company and carrier driver will never know where you live and when combined with fabricating your name and payment system on your account, your ID will never be revealed.

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