Universal SE'ing Methods

Using The Universal Social Engineering Methods.

As with compromising systems and circumventing the security of entities via technical gateways, the good thing about social engineering, Is the array of attack vectors at your disposal. It doesn't matter If you're Intending to SE the password from the clerical assistant working In the next building at your office, or a company on a huge scale to refund a 24 Inch full HD monitor- they all have one thing In common, and that Is the "method used to execute the attack". Without It, the probability of a successful result Is zero, regardless of how well you've researched your target and the amount of effort you try to make your execution work.

Refunders and the like who've been In the SEing scene for many years know exactly what I'm talking about, but some beginners have probably never heard of "social engineering methods", let alone what they entail. So In SEing parlance, what Is a "method" and how does work? Well, I'm glad you've asked! The ones that I'll be referring to, are the "universal methods" that can be used with just about any company who utilizes a carrier service.

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