The Stale Food Method

Social Engineering Using The Stale Food Method.

It's of paramount Importance to start SEing by heading In the right direction, and that's what prompted me to write this article, namely social engineering food/consumable products  by using the "Stale Food Method". I have covered the entire method In the eBook that's available for download below. Even If you've never SEd a single company, you'd be surprised at just how easy It Is to get a free meal or drink from "almost" any food chain or restaurant.

Notice how I've used "almost" as the operative word? That's because regardless of how well you've prepared and executed your SE, It's never guaranteed to work 100% each and every time!  This applies to every business as well as every Item- Irrespective of Its nature. Why Is that you ask? Well, there are too many variables Involved, ranging from stubborn representatives who refuse to accept your claim right from the get-go, to payment systems that decline chargebacks for no apparent reason. That said, seldom will you experience this with food Items and the like.

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