The Partial Method

Use The Partial Method For Refunds Or Replacements.

For the purpose of this article, this relates to SEing companies to the likes of Zalando, Amazon, John Lewis and so forth- with the objective to obtain a refund or replacement for an Item (or two) that you've already purchased.

If you're actively registered In a social engineering community, like an Internet forum or perhaps communicating on a Discord server, I'd say you would've come across posts discussing the use of the "partial method" or simply worded as "partial". As an advanced SE'er, no doubt you'll be well aware of what this entails but as a beginner, you'd be hitting a Google search to no avail. As Its name Implies the partial method pertains to ordering a bunch of Items from an online store, but claiming that your order was partially fulfilled.

In other words, one or more Items were not Included when you received the package from the carrier. It's very similar to the "missing Item method"- but Instead of buying a single Item and SEing that alone, you purchase multiple Items on the same shipment, and then say that one or more were not In the box/package when you opened It.

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