The Gift Method

Say That The Item Was Received As A Gift.

Whether you're an advanced SE'er or looking to get Into the scene, you may find this a little hard to believe, but social engineering what first recognized In the late 1800s, but It's not to say that It didn't exist a lot earlier. You see, people have been SEing for centuries without even knowing  It, such as politicians and world leaders using manipulative tactics (lying, broken promises etc) to earn the trust of voters and defeat their opposition.

As time went by, a lot changed with how It's defined and used, but a new form of social engineering that's unbeknownst to many SE'ers, experts Included, Is: "The art of company manipulation and exploitation". And associated with this, Is an array of "methods" that're unique and very powerful In achieving their objective- one of which Is: "The Gift Method".

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