The DNA Method

Claim That You Didn't Receive The Package.

In the social engineering world of "company manipulation and exploitation", SE'ers go to great lengths to get what they're after, meaning refunds and/or replacements for Items that they've either already purchased, or by using (for example) the "serial number method" and claim the refund whilst It's still under warranty. In order to do this successfully, It's of the utmost Importance to use a method that's based on the nature of the Item. For Instance, If you're planning to SE a "PS4" (Play Station 4) that weighs 2.5 Kg by using the "missing Item method", due to Its weight, It will obviously fail. As such, you'd simply opt for another method- the wrong Item received  or the sealed box method  will suffice.

Methods are the backbone and an Integral part of every SE, and determine the effectiveness of your attack/execution against your target. If you haven't chosen one that's compatible with your Item, your SE has failed before It had the chance to begin. But what If you're struggling to find a suitable method? Well, that's when the "DNA" (Did Not Arrive) comes Into action. If you're reading this as an advanced SE'er you'd know exactly what I'm referring to, but on the grounds that you've never come across It before, allow me to define It for you.

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