PayPal's Terms Explained

PayPal's Most Common Terms Explained.

If you're reading this from an advanced social engineering perspective, whereby you've been hitting companies on just about every level for refunds and/or replacements, you'd be well aware of the complexities Involved In getting the job done right. Of course, I'm referring to SEing online stores such as Currys PC World, Logitech, SteelSeries and stating the obvious- Amazon

On the other hand, If you've just started your career In the art of human hacking, then you've got a lot to learn, hence I suggest to not only read this, but also every other guide I've documented on this blog and be sure to fully absorb Its contents prior to moving onto the next topic. The problem with a lot of SE'ers, Is that they tend to only focus on the company Itself, without having a backup plan In place. And that backup plan Is "PayPal".

Unless the representative you're dealing with at the time Is about to hand In his resignation and simply doesn't give a damn and approves your claim with no questions asked, you will face quite a number of obstacles throughout your attack vector. This can Include (but not limited to) Investigations opened, police reports requested, affidavits or statutory declarations Issued to be signed & returned, and the list goes on.

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