Key Elements Of SE'ing

The Attributes That Every Social Engineer Must Have.

There's no doubt that social engineering has expanded over the last decade or so, whereby as It stands at the time of writing, It Involves a lot more than just SEing someone for their personal Information, or Infecting their PC with malware by tricking them Into clicking on an Innocent-looking link. A new and sophisticated breed of SEing has evolved over time, namely exploiting companies on every scale- be It online or physically In person, Is of equal significance. Whether It's a huge organization such as Logitech or the small health food store at your local mall, makes no difference whatsoever.

How It generally works, Is like this. The social engineer will purchase an Item with the Intention to obtain a refund or replacement, without sending his Item back. He'll then research their terms and conditions to Identify any loopholes, as well as gather Information about their warranty, replacement and return policy. Once that's done, he will prepare his method based on his (researched) findings, execute his attack and manipulate the representative Into Issuing a replacement Item, or crediting his account for a full refund. Evidently there's a lot more to It, but for the purpose of this article, I've provided a simple example of how the SE operates.

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