In-Store SE'ing

How To Social Engineer In-Store Retailers.

Most of the websites that you come across on the Internet regarding the how-tos of social engineering, pertain to gathering confidential Information, such as usernames & passwords from a given employee, or Infecting their systems with a malicious file to steal their credentials stored on their computer. If you've read the articles on this blog or have been SEing for quite a number of years, you'd predominantly SE companies remotely- namely online with the Intention of obtaining refunds or replacements. No doubt all this Is true and correct, but there's yet another way to social engineer  that works on a similar principle as online retailers (such as ASOS or John Lewis), and that's by physically attending the store  that's often referred to as an "In-store retailer".

I've been heavily Involved In many social engineering communities where discussions of various types of SEing methods take place, and If you're much the same as myself, you'd know that "In-store SEing" Is rarely exchanged between users. This Is what's prompted me to write this tutorial- to give you a full understanding of what It's all about, and to also demonstrate the best methodologies to ensure your SE works In your favor. So what exactly Is "In-store SEing?".

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