How To Stall The SE

How To Stall The SE And Gain More Time To Respond.

I can confidently say that regardless of the amount of years you've been social engineering entities, be It on a personal level or SEing representatives working for major online stores such as ASOS or John Lewis, you would have experienced a "mental block" at some point during the SE, correct? If your answer Is "no", then you're obviously not telling the truth and living In some form of denial.

It doesn't matter how well you've researched your target, Inclusive of perfectly preparing your method, the fact Is, you cannot predict the exact series of events that will take place during the execution of your SE. Even elite social engineers to the likes of Kevin Mitnick, are lost for words (to some degree) when In conversation with the person of whom they're SEing at the time.

For Instance, have you ever been Involved In a live chat with a service rep and at some stage of the SE, you received a response that had you at a loss as to what to say next?  I thought as much. I'd say It's very safe to assume, that you terminated the session there and then- and either took the time to think of the most appropriate answer, or created a thread In the forum that you're registered with and requested assistance thereafter. Either way and sometime later, you've established the live chat again, hoping that you'll deal with another representative In readiness for your attack.

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