Asking For Help With SE'ing

How To Effectively Ask For Help With Social Engineering.

It doesn't matter If you've been social engineering for decades with companies on every scale, or you've just established yourself as an SE'er after many months of hard work, there will be the need to request assistance at some point. Those who've been In the scene for a substantial period of time with countless years of experience, will rarely ask for help, but rather get what they're after by researching their target and formulating their SE thereafter. However, experienced social engineers obviously had to start somewhere, hence they too, would've had the need to seek assistance from others during their early stages In the SEing sector.

As such, this article Is all about social engineers who're registered members on a forum/board, and then post a thread requesting assistance. Now this may sound like It's extremely simple, and at times It most certainly Is, however there are countless threads that either don't make much sense, or their content Is not descriptive nor does It elaborate on how they're planning to SE. I deal with this each and every day on a popular technology/social engineering board, and It's this that's prompted me to document this guide.

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